Human Services

About This Cluster

Health and human services focuses on the most basic needs of our communities, including the health and well-being of individuals and families, assistance with social services as needed, help with preventing and solving problems and striving to provide the highest quality of life possible. Those interested in a health and human services career must keep in mind that this field is a very broad one, with numerous professions that fall under the human services umbrella.
  Skills and Interests

  • Helpful Traits 
    1. Good Communication skills
    2. Good Social skills
    3. Empathy
    4. Good Listening Skills
    5. Organization and Common Sense
    6. Problem Solving Skills
    7. Assist Others to help Themselves
    8. Detailed Oriented
    9. Compassionate
    10. Patience
    11. Confident
    12. Self-Motivated
    13. Team-Oriented
    14. Flexibility
  • Skills and Studies
    1. Example:  School Social Worker 
      1. A school social worker usually has a Master’s Degree in social work, as well as a state license to practice.
      2. Skills needed include:
        1. Analytical Skills
        2. Caring
        3. Communication skills
        4. Emotional Resilience
        5. Professional Demeanor
    2. Example: Social Worker 
      1. Skills Needed include:
        1. Communication Skills
        2. Reading
        3. Writing
        4. Math
        5. Additional Language Skills and Cultural Studies
        6. Conflict Management
        7. Mediation
        8. Presentation Skills
      2. Coursework may vary depending on if specific area of interest and what level of education one intends on pursuing.


Local High School Programs/Classes: 

  • During high school, the best way to learn about the Human Services field is by completing a variety of classes that range from: Health, English, Science, Psychology and Sociology. Job shadowing or Internships in the field are a great way to gain hands on experience!
  • FDRHPO offers job shadow programs, opportunities to participate in MASH Camp, and facilitation with internships/field placements.

BOCES Programs:

Jefferson-Lewis-Hamilton-Herkimer-Oneida BOCES:

St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES:

Local College / University Majors: 


  • Varies greatly in this field and from region to region.  Minimum wage for some entry level with minimum education up to potential of six figures for high level administrators in this region.

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