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The Health Science Career Cluster is one of the fastest growing career fields. Health Sciences orients students to careers that promote health, wellness, and diagnosis as well as treat injuries and diseases. Professionals can work in a variety of fields, some of which work directly with the patients, and others that work indirectly for the patient.

The growth in technology within the health sciences field has opened up a whole new realm of jobs within the Healthcare field as well. Work locations are varied and may be in hospitals, medical or dental offices or laboratories, community based organizations, or Urgent Care settings.

The regular responsibilities of someone in the health science industry would normally include an inside environment. Often, depending on the situation, a person in this field would be standing or sitting depending on the career choice. Basic computer skills are often required as more and more jobs like nursing require digital tracking of patient care and progress. The North Country is in great need of healthcare professionals, and that next professional could be you!

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Skills and Interests

    1. Academic Foundations– Health care workers will know the academic subject matter required for proficiency within their area. They will use this knowledge as needed in their role. In addition to state high school graduation requirements, the following are included: use a knowledge of human structure and function to conduct health care role, Use a knowledge of diseases and disorders to conduct health care role.
    2. Communications Use oral and written communication skills in creating, expressing and interpreting information and ideas including technical terminology and information.
    3. Systems– Healthcare workers will understand how their role fits into their department, their organization and the overall health care environment. They will identify how keys systems affect services they perform and quality of care.
    4. Safety, Health and Environmental– Healthcare workers will understand the existing and potential hazards to clients, co-workers, and self. They will prevent injury or illness through safe work practices and follow health and safety policies and procedures.
    5. Leadership and Teamwork-Healthcare workers will understand the roles and responsibilities of individual members as part of the health care team, including their ability to promote the delivery of quality health care.

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Earnings and Outlook

The National Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the mean hourly wage for a person in the Health Science industry is $28.46 per hour and $59,201 annually. Wages are different for each of the different trades; in general, the more technical positions or positions that require more skills have higher wages.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics counted about 12.2 million jobs in the SOC occupations that are assigned to the health sciences cluster. Median annual wages for these occupations ranged from $21,020 for home health aides to more than $187,200 (the highest median annual wage published by BLS) for occupations such as surgeons.

  • Registered Nurse
    • $65,470 per year
    • $31.48 per hour
  • EMT’s and Paramedic’s
    • $31,020 per year
    • $14.91 per hour
  • Physician Assistants
    • $90,930 per year
    • $43.72 per hour
  • Occupational Therapists
    • $75,400 per year
    • $36.25 per hour
  • Source: National Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top 10 Reasons to Pursue a Health Career Now 

  1. You’ll earn a good salary.
  2. You’ll enjoy job security.
  3. You will do work that interests you.
  4. You can live and work anywhere you want.
  5. You can find a health career that fits your educational plan.
  6. You can learn by reading and doing.
  7. You can get help to pay for school.
  8. You’ll have a clear path to advancement.
  9. You can work with people(or not).
  10. You’ll make a difference in people’s lives.

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