Government & Public Administration

About This Cluster

If you are interested in shaping the future of your city, state and country, the Government and Public Administration Career Cluster may be for you. Though there are some areas that are unique to military service, virtually every occupation can be found within government.

Careers in Government and Public Administration Career Cluster are in a variety of different work environments from “responsible for making and executing public policy,” to “maintaining a strong National Security which encompasses such diverse activities as running a hospital, commanding a tank, programming computers, operating a nuclear reactor, or repairing and maintaining a helicopter” to “serving in embassies, consulates and other diplomatic missions,” to “to “ensuring that governments obtain revenues from businesses and citizens by collecting tax dollars, reviewing tax returns, conducting audits, monitoring taxes payable and collecting overdue tax dollars.” These are four out of the seven areas in this field. Government and Public Administration is a tough field to be in but in return, you get a rewarding career that offers incredible variety, provides plenty of opportunities to pursue the specialties that interest you.

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Skills and Interests

  • Helpful Traits 
    1. Good With Numbers
    2. Enjoy Speaking in Public and in Large Groups
    3. A Good Listener
    4. Lots of Patience
    5. Communication Skills
    6. Good Reasoning Skills
  • Skills and Studies
    1. Example:  County Manager 
      1. Reading all kinds of different reports.
      2. Writing and doing presentations.
      3. Math and being comfortable with numbers.
      4. Ability to think through problems.
      5. Be a Leader.

Northern New York Community Foundation Scholarships

Applications for academic year 2021-2022 Freshman Scholarships 

Since 1980, the Northern New York Community Foundation has awarded more than $18 million in scholarships to students from Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.

The Community Foundation annually awards scholarships to:

  • High school seniors for their freshman year in college or technical school. Full-time enrollment is required for a one-year award.
  • High school juniors in St. Lawrence County who will plan to pursue careers in STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are encouraged to apply for a one-year award.
  • Nontraditional students for any year of college or vocational, trade and technical school are also available. Part-time or full-time enrollment is required, and applicants must live in Jefferson, Lewis or St. Lawrence county. Applicants may reapply each year.

Scholarships, which can average up to $2,000, are available from three programs the Community Foundation administers:

  • Northern New York Community Foundation Scholarships — Awarded to students in liberal arts.
  • Herring College Memorial Scholarships — Awarded to students in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and related fields.
  • Visiting Nurse Association Scholarships — Awarded to students in nursing and health-related fields.

The Community Foundation also stewards more than 300 restricted scholarships through funds that individual donors have established.


Career and Technical Education Programs:

Jefferson-Lewis-Hamilton-Herkimer-Oneida BOCES:

St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES:

Local College / University Majors: 

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